ITResources is a busy office of professional team specialized in web and mobile development. We started to bring hundreds of different digital ideas to life in 2007 and since then we have grown into a reliable partner for many companies from different markets worldwide. We have been working in the field for a long time and along our way we managed to realize different successful projects making sure our clients are satisfied with the results.

Successful realization of projects became a habit for our team of professional enthusiasts and as a rule, our solutions become the key points of our clients’ success. Our excellence is not only about the feedbacks and testimonials but also about our fundamental pillars: decency, integrity, and honor! We know what defines impactful, wide-ranging solutions powered by the latest technologies across all industries.

Our experience has taught us that great results and good relationships come from collaborations. For this very reason we at ITResources are super excited to get in touch with you, learn about you, start a dialogue, and make something great together.


ITResources doesn’t work with everyone that needs a web developer or computer support. As far as working with a client means a huge responsibility to us, we only choose projects that share the same values as us. We take this responsibility very seriously and do the job successfully.

  • Industry Proven Track Record

Along with our working ethics, excellence, industry best practice and super positive attitude to our clients, we also deliver:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Faster Problem Resolution
  • Money Savings
  • Data Protection
  • Simplicity in IT management
  • Streamlined Communications
  • It’s fun to work with us

Fixing a computer or giving an IT solution is possible to get everywhere, but what makes us unique, is our attitude towards You! Your happy eyes - that’s what drives us forward… That’s what is essental for us!

We at ITResources genuinely care about You! We have a unique, professional and at the same time fun attitude to our clients. Working with us means trusting your project to a fun and creative team of professionals who work in the field for a long time!

  • Security

Security is an important point to mention and that’s the reason why we get your back! At ITResources we follow and enforce IT security best practices for our clients. We not only secure every link or page we build, but also educate our clients on cyber security as well as on how to continue working in a safe network.

  • Human Support

We hate automated support centres and solutions. Our main goal is to response to every call, e-mail or visit with a LIVE person. We believe that if getting in touch with a company is hard and painful, then requiring any successful result from them is simply impossible.

  • Proper Documentation

Network documentation should be settled appropriately as it’s critical for fast resolution of problems and successful management of the project. It’s also important for our team to get done right the first time. We don’t even mention the security of your passwords as they will be stored in a secure, encrypted location.

  • Fast And Critical Response Guarantee

Unlike other companies, we don’t think that small problems should be postponed to next week. If we think that your problem doesn’t seem like a huge one, we don’t wait a few days to get back to you. We understand that if something bothers you, it’s our responsibility to solve the problem correctly and as soon as possible. Shortly after we hear from you, we’ll get back to you to tell that your problem will be solved within a small time period.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction.

All our programs and products come with an unprecedented guarantee. The guarantee of our guarantee is our professional team and long time experience.


We get this question over and over again. There are, of course, different articles talking about the cons and pros of both Framework and CMS that help to choose which one suits you best, but here, we’ve decided to discuss this question from a different perspective. First of all we want to make sure that you as a customer understand the difference between the Framework and CMS (Content Management System) and get the answers of a list of questions like “What is the CMS?”, “Why should I make a selection?”, “Can’t I choose both?”, “Aren’t they the same?” and so on.

When we use the term “Framework” it refers mostly to a software framework for a particular programming language. Programmers or web developers often choose a framework based on their favorite programming language as a backbone of the new project. Ideally one should choose the framework and programming language according to project needs.

As to CMS, it’s more of a ready-to-use content management system and unlike framework doesn’t require any coding knowledge and almost everyone can handle a CMS. Most of CMS are very flexible and reasonably extendable, allowing programmers to write new modules and add new functionality to the existing system. Most of them allow complete freedom of styling, theming and modifying the front-end of your application. Most programmers choose to use CMS to accelerate the delivery of a project. It's worth to note that most of CMS are based on a specific software framework - either a common one for a given programming language or a custom, unique one explicitly created for this CMS. Nowadays there are a lot of debates and misunderstandings about what each of those above mentioned methods can offer. Some state that CMS gives every kind of possibility, others disagree and announce that only framework can give endless possibilities. But again, what should we choose?

We can not deny the fact that CMS is more popular than Freamwork and the only reason behind, is that it’s easier to use. However, to understand which one to choose, firstly ask yourself those simple questions and get the fair answers:

  1. How much time can you dedicate to this project?
  2. What is your main goal and how flexible has to be your project in the future?
  3. How much money (if it matters) you will take after the end of the project.
  4. What will the hosting environment be?

Now let’s go deeper into the examples.

If your project is a typical news agency or a blog, and you are concerned with money and time, you should look closely to use common CMS such as Wordpress. Wordpress, that we used as an example, is the most famous type of CMS which features include a plugin architecture as well as a template system. A lot of people use it while blogging, but it also supports other types of web content such as media galleries, online stores etc. If your project is something unique with complex business logic or has a lot of custom features, or specific requirements (such as memory usage, speed, server software, etc.) then you should weight cons and pros of using web framework vs CMS in terms of flexibility and extensibility. Meanwhile, you should definitely look into frameworks when you are planning a long-term development of a big project with multiple people involved. At this stage, many people complain that it’s very slow to use and requires a lot of time. Indeed, the start may be slow, sometimes very tiring but it’ll guarantee that you won’t end up with a monstrous and slow project filled with spaghetti and dead code after years of development. At this stage, a CMS will not work and your only option will be the Framework (which in its turn, is a great solution).

As a conclusion, there is no silver bullet, and we’ll suggest to consult with competent people and weight their suggestions before starting your web project development.

Our Team

My name is David Shahbazyan: i am founder and CEO of ITResources

My name is Ashot mkhitaryan: i am a back-end developer

My name is Hayk Hayrapetyan : i am team leader of ITResources development team

My name is Svetlana Petrosyan: i am a front-end developer

My name is Mariam Tovmasyan: i am UI/UX designer

My name is Lana Asatryan: i am PM of ITResources

My name is Vachagan Barseghyan: i am back-end developer

My name is Areg Ghazaryan: i am back-end developer

My name is Shushanik Sargsyan: i am back-end developer

My name is Shushan Vasilyan: i am translator

My name is Grish Hakobyan: i am a back-end developer

My name is Arman Karsliev: i am a back-end developer

My name is Ani Papazyan: i am a UX/UI designer

My name is Karen Hovhannisyan : i am a back-end developer

My name is Meri Kocharyan: i am an informational security specialist

My name is Elina danielyan: i am a SMM specialist

My name is Arman Antonyan: i am a python developer

My name is Mariam Galinyan: i am a Graphic designer

My name is Garegin Hakobyan: i am a 1C-Bitrix developer

My name is Davit Grigoryan : i am a SEO specialist

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